Saturday, January 30, 2010

I was lookin good!

So...I got some new boots over Christmas break, and I hadn't gotten to wear them yet because I ended up needing a size bigger. SOOOO.... When we got back to school, and everyone was telling about their Christmas break, I happened to mention I got new boots, but I just couldn't wear them yet.

A few days later...

I got my boots, and I wore them to school with a really cute dress.
One of my students walk in and shouts, "Ms. Guinn...why don't you look lovely!"
I thanked him graciously and then went on about my business.
I happened to look up and he was still there looking around the room in amazement.
I asked him if something was wrong and he stated, "Well is NO ONE else going to tell her how DAZZLING she looks?"

I was flooded with many compliments after that.
Thanks guys.
I will never feel insecure or "unpretty" with my classroom full of brown nosers :)

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