Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheating is of the Devil!


"Oh Ms. Guinn!!! I am so thankful for Jesus, you know why? Cause if he didn't lay it all on the line...we would be dead..yep..crispy critters...dead! D-E-...D. Dead!...and you know what? I learned something today... Cheating is bad, and you won't be catching me doing that again! That's the devil's business!"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Something about bald eagles...

In my class we have a computer program that we are subscribed to that allows the students to read or listen to stories and then take test over the stories when they are finished. The more stories they read the faster they go up in levels and the books they test over get harder. I have one little boy who is about to go to the next level...He is pretty excited. This is what he had to say when it was time to pack up and get ready to go home (mind you...there are no "gallons" of anything on this computer program just levels).

"I am so close to finishing that level, I just need 3 more gallons of fuel!!! I am so close!! I am as sharp as a bald eagles eye!! That's how close I am."

I guess with a little more "fuel"...he will be there? a bald eagles eye? what? lol

Be free, soul! Be free!

My kids were sitting at the carpet waiting patiently for me to come and read them another chapter of their favorite chapter book series (Junie B. Jones). When I noticed one of my little boys sitting criss cross applesauce (Indian style) with his eye closed and his hands tightly grasped. It looked like he was having a sincere moment with God in deep deep prayer, so I asked him... "Are you praying?" to which he responded:

"Heck no! I am trying to let my soul escape from my body. (then... eyes still closed while waving his hands in the air he cries out...) Be free! Be free!"

????? I am at a total loss for words.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Funny Little Blurbs


A student walked up to me after, what I assume must have been a humilating event, and stated,

"I am more embarrassed than a dead cat and a frog!"
(I guess it was pretty bad?)

Robot Voices

All my kids were being really loud. A few of my students tried, with no luck, to quiet them down. One of my little girls looked at me and said that we needed to figure out something to get their attention. A few moments later I looked over to see her at the front of the room standing stiff repeating (in a very impressive robot voice)
"Must be...quiet...for Ms......Guinn."

The Human Body

We were at Science lab one day studying bones. The Science teacher had a skeleton out and was asking students what each bone was called while pointing to various different parts of the body. She got to the wrist bone and asked for someone to tell her what it was. She called on one of my little boys who responded,

"That, ma'am, would be the pelvic gland."

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Each week I have a "Student of the week." And my student of the week is allowed to bring some things from home to show and tell with the rest of the class. One week I chose a boy who brought a bunch of toy planes to school for show and tell. One of the planes was wooden and while he was sharing about each one a little boy grabbed the wooded plane and stated,

"This plane is a WAR plane from the 1800s!!!"

(Not even close to the truth!...did they even have planes in the 1800s??? I don't think they did :)

"So that means Ms. Guinn is the only person in this whole classroom that has seen one in real life!"

I'm sorry...say What!?!? is he trying to say I was alive in the 1800s??? even though planes weren't even invented yet?? I am 22!

NOTE: The first ever airplane was designed in 1899 by the Wright brothers. It wasn't until 1903 before the first successful, powered, piloted flight took place, and it only lasted 12 seconds.

The next picture is the first plane flown all the way across America (1911). It took 84 days and they had to stop 70 times.

"That's a nice change"

Everyday right before the bell rings to dismiss the kids, I put stamps in their folders if they had a good day, and I will write a note to mom or dad explaining what happened if something went wrong. Well on the one particular day, the class as a whole did really well, and every one got a stamp. As I was walking off one of my students realized they had just been stamped and proudly exclaimed...

"Hey guess what everybody! I had a good day! "

Long pause while smiling and nodding with pride and excitement...

"That's a nice change"

Monday, November 2, 2009

"Angels came down from Heaven"

Every other week my students rotate going to Music and Computers. This week they are in music. Today during class they learned some new songs for Thanksgiving...apparently it was very inspiring :)

"Ms. Guinn... the song we learned is music today was so beautiful! It was such a beautiful song... I mean...it was like the angels came down from heaven and touched us all. It really was beautiful." I need to hear that song! LOL