Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where babies come from

Considering I spend an overwhelming amount of time with young children, I have come to hear many ways babies are made. Today I heard one that I thought was particularly cute. While we were discussing holiday traditions, I brought up the tradition of eating. There is a little boy in my class who is expecting a baby brother soon. When I spoke about eating, he responded as follows:

"Kind of like when my mom eats a lot. After a while it builds up and makes a baby. That's why we are made of meat. That's why the wolves want to eat us."

I don't know really where the wolves fit into all of this, but I thought it was quite hilarious that he thinks babies are made when women eat too much... just think if that really were true? I'd be having twins every 9 months!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beautiful Art work

I have recently undergone some personal changes. Over Thanksgiving break I had a procedure done that many women have to enhance a certain part of the female body. I had been considering this for a long time, and I finally just decided to do it. It was something I did for me, and it wasn't a HUGE change. When I went back to school on Monday many people probably didn't even notice because with the clothes I had on, it just wasn't that easy to tell. Tuesday however, I wore a dress that made it a little more easy for one to see a difference. I didn't realize, however, that any of my students would be able to tell. I suppose I was wrong. Below is a picture a little girl in my class drew of me. Note: She has drawn pictures of me before... none ever looking quite like this.

Bluebonnet prisoner

I love to listen to the fascinating converstaions my six year old students have with one another. A few weeks ago I read a story to my kids about bluebonnets. We had a discussion about how it was illegal to pick bluebonnets in the state of Texas because bluebonnets were the state flower. Anyhow... today three of my students were arguing over whether or not you could pick a bluebonnet. And the conversation went a little like this:

Student 1: You can NOT pick bluebonnets! They are the state flower.

Student 2: Yes you can. They are just a flower.

Student 1: You will go to prison if you do.

Student 3: (sarcastically inturrupting) aren't supposed to pick bluebonnets, but you won't go to prison! (Deep voice) Hey man what are you in for? (soft voice) I shot somebody, you? (Deep voice) I picked a bluebonnet.... (his voice) Nope... don't think so.

"Cricket" in my neck

I haven't blogged in over a year, and I think it is so sad because there have been so many stories that I could have shared. The things that happen in my classroom couldn't be "made up," and I have been blessed to have recently witnessed particular "happenings" that have inspired me to start back a bloggin'.

Today I woke up with a terrible crick in my neck. I couldn't move my head even one inch to the left. My head was practically glued to my right shoulder. I didn't think much about my kids really noticing, but I have slowly come to the realization that there aren't many things my kids DON'T notice. So we were doing calendar, and my back was to them for a few seconds and when I turned around they were all doing the motions to our calendar songs with their heads on their shoulders. It was pretty much hilarious, and I considered letting them continue calendar in that fashion but decided against. So I stopped calendar and explained that I had slept on my neck wrong, and I woke up with a crick in it. I noticed a little while later a little girl in my class was acting really strange. I finally asked her what was wrong, and almost tearfully she responded, "Well, is it going to come out?" I didn't really understand, and so I asked her, "Is what going to come out?" To which she responded.... "THE CRICKET!"

It was a lovely conversation trying to console and convince her that there was no cricket in my neck.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Praying Mantis

I made a huge mistake!!!
I accidentally told my kids that the girl praying mantis eats the man praying mantis. Probably not appropriate for 6 year old children...but none the less... I said it. As soon as I spoke the words (while I was reading a book) I turned the page quickly to go on to the next animal. I looked up only to notice horrified stares from about 14 first graders. I continued to read hoping they would soon forget only to be inturrupted by one of my little boys...

Student 1: "Wait Wait Wait!.... you mean to tell me the wife eats her husband!?!?!"

Me: "Well they are bugs...they aren't married, that's just the way they do things."

Student 1: "Well isn't that life!"

Birthday Injustices

One of my boys had his birthday on a Sunday this year. Usually the office will announce weekend birthdays on Friday, but the principal wasn't there, and the person doing the announcements didn't remember to say the weekend birthday's names. I figured they would announce it the following Monday.

On Tuesday I realized that the birthday was never announced.
So I asked my little boy if he ever heard his birthday announced over the loud speaker, to which he responded...
"NO! and I don't know how I make it through with all of these injustices!"

(The comment was made known to the office, and he got a special announcement just for him the next day)

I was lookin good!

So...I got some new boots over Christmas break, and I hadn't gotten to wear them yet because I ended up needing a size bigger. SOOOO.... When we got back to school, and everyone was telling about their Christmas break, I happened to mention I got new boots, but I just couldn't wear them yet.

A few days later...

I got my boots, and I wore them to school with a really cute dress.
One of my students walk in and shouts, "Ms. Guinn...why don't you look lovely!"
I thanked him graciously and then went on about my business.
I happened to look up and he was still there looking around the room in amazement.
I asked him if something was wrong and he stated, "Well is NO ONE else going to tell her how DAZZLING she looks?"

I was flooded with many compliments after that.
Thanks guys.
I will never feel insecure or "unpretty" with my classroom full of brown nosers :)