Saturday, January 30, 2010

Praying Mantis

I made a huge mistake!!!
I accidentally told my kids that the girl praying mantis eats the man praying mantis. Probably not appropriate for 6 year old children...but none the less... I said it. As soon as I spoke the words (while I was reading a book) I turned the page quickly to go on to the next animal. I looked up only to notice horrified stares from about 14 first graders. I continued to read hoping they would soon forget only to be inturrupted by one of my little boys...

Student 1: "Wait Wait Wait!.... you mean to tell me the wife eats her husband!?!?!"

Me: "Well they are bugs...they aren't married, that's just the way they do things."

Student 1: "Well isn't that life!"

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