Thursday, November 12, 2009

Funny Little Blurbs


A student walked up to me after, what I assume must have been a humilating event, and stated,

"I am more embarrassed than a dead cat and a frog!"
(I guess it was pretty bad?)

Robot Voices

All my kids were being really loud. A few of my students tried, with no luck, to quiet them down. One of my little girls looked at me and said that we needed to figure out something to get their attention. A few moments later I looked over to see her at the front of the room standing stiff repeating (in a very impressive robot voice)
"Must be...quiet...for Ms......Guinn."

The Human Body

We were at Science lab one day studying bones. The Science teacher had a skeleton out and was asking students what each bone was called while pointing to various different parts of the body. She got to the wrist bone and asked for someone to tell her what it was. She called on one of my little boys who responded,

"That, ma'am, would be the pelvic gland."

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