Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Each week I have a "Student of the week." And my student of the week is allowed to bring some things from home to show and tell with the rest of the class. One week I chose a boy who brought a bunch of toy planes to school for show and tell. One of the planes was wooden and while he was sharing about each one a little boy grabbed the wooded plane and stated,

"This plane is a WAR plane from the 1800s!!!"

(Not even close to the truth!...did they even have planes in the 1800s??? I don't think they did :)

"So that means Ms. Guinn is the only person in this whole classroom that has seen one in real life!"

I'm sorry...say What!?!? is he trying to say I was alive in the 1800s??? even though planes weren't even invented yet?? I am 22!

NOTE: The first ever airplane was designed in 1899 by the Wright brothers. It wasn't until 1903 before the first successful, powered, piloted flight took place, and it only lasted 12 seconds.

The next picture is the first plane flown all the way across America (1911). It took 84 days and they had to stop 70 times.

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