Monday, November 16, 2009

Something about bald eagles...

In my class we have a computer program that we are subscribed to that allows the students to read or listen to stories and then take test over the stories when they are finished. The more stories they read the faster they go up in levels and the books they test over get harder. I have one little boy who is about to go to the next level...He is pretty excited. This is what he had to say when it was time to pack up and get ready to go home (mind you...there are no "gallons" of anything on this computer program just levels).

"I am so close to finishing that level, I just need 3 more gallons of fuel!!! I am so close!! I am as sharp as a bald eagles eye!! That's how close I am."

I guess with a little more "fuel"...he will be there? a bald eagles eye? what? lol

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