Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cutie's Godmother

Hi! My name is Danielle.
This is my first blog, woo woo! I teach first grade, and this is my second year to do so. I have already experienced many hilarious conversations from my beautiful 6 year old students, and everyone I talk to says "write it down!"... so I thought...what better way than to blog about it :)
So here is my first and (so far) favorite story from my classroom.

It was my first year to teach, and I had the sweetest and most precious classroom full of kids. We were about midway through the year, and one of my "cutsie" little girls had been going on and on about her Godmother. Her Godmother was getting married, so everyday we heard... My Godmother this...and my God mother that....on and on and on and on...Of course I always acted very interested to hear everything she had to say, but what I did not take into consideration was the disinterest of the rest of the class.

Well... one morning one of my other little girls walked into the classroom and of course the "cutsie" girl started talking about her God mother. A few minutes into the conversation one of my little boys walked in and politely asked, "What is she talking about?" and the little girl (obviously irrititated with the redudancy in the conversation) through up her arms in disgust and proclaimed, "I don't know!! She keeps going on and on about her FAIRY GODMOTHER, and I am just done with it!"


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