Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Maybe it will stick to my teeth!..."

One of my little girls got an awesome magnetic neclace for her birthday. The charm that goes on the neclace is a bottle cap and each cap has a different design. On the back of the bottle cap there is a magnet that allows the cap to stick to the neclace and also make it easy to change it out with other caps. She had been taking the cap off and putting it back on all morning. At some point in time she and another student discovered its magnetic abilities when it happened to stick to the white board, so I took this time to let the entire class try to find other things and places that the magnetic bottle cap might stick to. Soon my class found a pattern. Most everything that the bottle cap stuck to was a silvery color (metal usually is). They were running all around the room looking for more places to stick the cap when out of no where the little girl stopped and said, "Maybe...since it sticks to silvery will stick to my silver teeth." The cap most definitely did not stick to her teeth (to her dismay), but I found the dissapointment of this little girl and the rest of the class to be very enlightening. How nice would it be if my biggest dissapointment in life were the impossibilities of decorating my teeth with magnets... oh what a stress free and happy world.

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  1. I know who the kid with the neckalace was!!! I was there when she got it. She makes this blog quite a bit!!!