Friday, October 16, 2009


Today I brought my kids a surprise. I didn't get to go to the pumpkin patch with them yesterday because I had a training to go to. To make up for my absence, I brought some little figures (3 dinosaurs, 1 turtle, and a poodle) that, when put it in water, grow up to 600%! (Below are two examples...even though these are not the same animals we had.)
We decided to grow the T-Rex dinosaur, but I thought it would be appropriate to name our new "pet." So I asked the class to give me some ideas. I got different names like, bubbles, spot, dino, etc. but it wasn't until I hear one particular name that sparked my interest. One of my boys (after many names had been suggested) jumped up and yelled, "KEVIN!! it has to be Kevin!" I was intrigued. "Why Kevin?" I asked. He replied with, "It just makes sense. It can't be anything else!" I looked around and all of my other kids were nodding in acceptance and joy (which was surprising). So we named our pet dinosaur..Kevin :) Why? just makes sense, that's why!

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