Thursday, October 8, 2009

"So that makes us all brothers and sisters"

I had some girls today that were having some "dramatic" girly issues. Three of them were fighting over who sat where first. It almost broke into a "hair-pulling" disaster before I could get to them and break it up. When everyone finally calmed down we had a discussion about how our class was a family, and we should take care of one another and love each other. As I was going on about friendship and our class family, one of my little girls raised her hand and said,

Little girl #1: "Yeah...and God is everyone's dad, so that makes us brothers and sisters...even my mom!"

It was quiet for a while, then my friendly, animated little boy spoke up and said, "So that makes Jesus our step-dad."

Little girl #2: "and Jesus is married to Mary."

Little girl #1: "No...Mary is Jesus' mom."

Little girl #2: "So God is our Dad, Jesus is our step-dad, and Mary isn't my mom at all? This is more complicated than my family here on earth."

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