Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Well that makes sense"

I had a little girl in my classroom that was a twin. One day we were discussing families, and she mentioned that she had a twin sibling. This confused some of the kids in my class, so I simply explained that instead of just one baby, there were two babies in her momma's tummy when she was born. Sure enough one of my kids popped off,
"well how do those babies get in there in the first place?"
(I knew it was coming...why couldn't I have diverted from this particular curiosity?)
I sat silently for a while...praying for an appropriate answer when another little girl popped off:
"God put them there and when they are ready, he pulls 'em out."
I was like...well there you have it...when just then another boy pops off, "well that makes sense, he's the only guy I know who could squeeze two of them in there."
The rest of my class was completely content, and I had to say nothing :)

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