Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I was just trying to help!"

So far, in every class I have had it seems as though there is a student who THINKS they can speak other languages (when they most definitely can NOT). Last year I had a student who "spoke" Italian, French and Spanish. It's funny because when she spoke those languages, it sounded legit! (I knew better, though! :)

Well this year there is a young man who made it clear, very early on this year, that he could speak spanish. He asked if I would like to hear, and of course I did, and it was HILARIOUS! anyway... one day I was reading a story, and after every sentence I heard some jibberish coming from somewhere in the crowd of children. After a few minutes of this jibberish after every sentence I spoke, I stopped reading and addressed this annoyance.
I looked at the student and asked, "What in heaven's name are you saying?"
He responded, "I was making what you said in English for the kids who can't understand you! I am trying to help!" He then turned to the children who "supposedly" didn't understand what I was saying and he "translated" what he just said, "kslf jsdlf lsfjlsfjldsjf".... LOL!
(What is super funny is... there wasn't a child in my class who needed translating!)

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