Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Well I guess I could tell him about Jesus!"

There is a little boy in my class, and last year before I had him, he would always come up to me and very excitedly tell me about his day and everything going on in his life. Well one particular day he came to talk to me, and he was ON FIRE! Mad as a hornet!!!

Little boy: "OH MAN, Ms. Guinn !!! I'm so MAD! I'm going to punch him in the face!"

Me: "who are you going to punch in the face?"

Little boy: "My brother!! he makes me so mad! I want to pick his nose hairs out!"

Me: "oh man, you sound mad...do you think hitting your brother...or picking his nose hairs out will be a good idea?"

Little boy: (thinking hard)...deep sigh... "well no...I guess that wouldn't be a good idea"

Me: "Well can you think of something that might work out better for your situation"

Little boy: "Oh alright...I guess I could tell about Jesus...is that what you want?"


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