Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spider Candy

So... we have been talking about spiders in science because it goes great with Halloween. Today I was letting them raise their hands and tell spider facts. I found out some interesting things... You might be curious to know...

"A local candy store in Cambodia makes cockroaches and spiders out of candy!"

(Hold up...wait...WHAT!?!?! that doesn't even make sense! ... but it gets better)

"'s true. I have been there once...very few times...and they gave me a cockroach on a stick."

Well...what do you know! I looked it up, and Cambodia does cook and eat tarantulas as a delicacy.

I found nothing out about candy spiders or cockroaches...maybe this kid should try being a politician. What he is saying sounds could he make that up? But don't be fooled... this alleged candy shop in Cambodia is only one of many destinations he has embarked upon in his entire 6 years. HA!

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